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When the “Event Reservation Form” is finalized and signed

Once you have paid your 1/3 retaining fee and it is less than seven days to your event, you are obligated to the full price as mutually agreed on the event reservation form.  If you cancel, you are obligated to pay the whole amount unless that date is booked for another event.  In that case you will get a full refund (including retaining fee).

If any money is paid for a cancellation it will be considered an ‘assignable credit’ for up to 12 months from the date of the cancellation. You can use it as a credit if you schedule another event and you may assign the credit to another person you know who can use it to schedule their event.

When  all your products are ready, your final payment (the remaining 2/3) is due.  You will not get your discs nor the files on your external hard disk until you pay in full.  If for any reason you do not pay for 3 business days, you will be assessed a late fee of the greater of 10% or $25.  If your payment is more than 30 elapsed days late, you will be assessed a late fee of the greater of 15% or $50.

Payments can be made in one of three ways (we do NOT accept cash, money orders, bank checks, or traveller's checks).  There is no credit card usage fee (it is illegal in Texas):