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If you leave the U.S. on a honeymoon (where texting costs extra), we will not text you until you return unless you are using ‘WhatsApp’ in which case we will use that with your permission to text you.

At any time, you may ‘opt out’ of texting (and go back to email) and/or ask us to cease communications until the final meeting and if necessary, make all decisions on our own.

7. Participation In The Production  After The Wedding

Once the wedding is done and we have shot all the video, the 'raw footage' is assembled in various ways to produce your products: pictures, a slideshow, a draft ceremony, the video of your  DVDs and Blu-rays and your 'video clip' (the 10 minute video summary of your wedding). For the DVDs and Blu-rays, all the useable video is included. What that means is that if you don't see something on your discs, then  we probably did not shoot it (or there was something wrong or inappropriate about it). A vast majority of the time, we assemble all the products ourselves (without any feedback) and supply them  to you on DVDs, Blu-rays, or your shared Dropbox disc.

You are however, welcomed to participate if you wish to. Often that would be manifested by your asking to have certain video removed from your Blu-ray/DVD
(remember there is nothing else to add normally), re-creating your slideshow and/or video clip with different material, or extracting some additional pictures. You can provide feedback or participate up front or you can wait for us to deliver your products and then they can be 're-worked'. There is no charge for re-working any of your products as long as you supply us with input as to what you want done within 30 days of your wedding. This is a free service we offer - most videographers do not allow re-works at all.

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