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6. Communication And Interaction After The Wedding

When we first meet, we will explain to you that our communication is generally via texting but you can opt out of this and communicate with us solely by email if you wish.

Regardless of which you choose, the communication will be the same before the wedding. If you choose, email, then after the wedding, we will email you only when the following occurs: (a) your video has been fully edited and your pictures and slideshow are available in the shared disk (and on our website if you gave us permission), (b) when your discs are ready for delivery, and (c) when your video clip is available in the shared disk (and on our website if you gave us permission).  When your discs are ready, typically 3 to 5 days after the wedding or when you return from your honeymoon, we will email you to find out when we can meet to go over the discs.  If you prefer not to meet or you do not live in the Houston area, we can mail the discs to you once I receive full payment.

If you choose texting and give me permission to do so, in addition to the communications described in the emails (above), we will also: (a) text you selected pictures from the video the night of the wedding, (b) occasionally text you some pictures during the video editing process, (c) place a full draft of the ceremony in the shared folder for your feedback, and (d) we may on occasion ask for feedback or a decision on certain aspects concerning the construction of your products.  For example, if I are unable to decide which of two audio tracks to use for the ceremony video.

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