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our lights, they have software tools which almost always can improve/fix any lighting or color issues. In all the weddings we have shot, we have not had a single instance where an issue has arisen between ue and a photographer at the wedding. Quite the contrary, we are often complimented by photographers as one of the easiest and useful videographers to work with.

5. Communication And Interaction Before The Wedding

We will meet an initial time with you so we can get to know each other and for you to get a better understanding of what the products will be, how we will be shooting at the wedding, and what to expect after the wedding.  We will be asking you some basic information questions and go over some of the information pertaining to your wedding. If you are booking the wedding many months in advance, you may not have yet solidified all your wedding plans and we understand that.  If you require us to meet a second time closer to the wedding, this will be arranged – it can even be done at the wedding location(s).  Aside from our initial meeting and possibly an update to this ‘feedback document’ which we send out intermittently to all the brides with upcoming weddings, we will not communicate with you until the week prior to the wedding.

The week prior to the wedding we will send you a request to join the Dropbox ‘shared folder’ being set up for your pictures, draft ceremony, slideshow, and video clip.  We will also ask you for any additional wedding related information we need to know which you probably have in a document or spreadsheet you have already created.

Aside from the above, we plan no other communication or interactions with you prior to the wedding.  Your life will be quite busy before the wedding and we do not want to add to the stress.

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