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absorb all the ambient light making the couple look gray or black on the video. For the picture session after the ceremony, we ask the photographer what they want us to do. About ¾ of the time, they want the lights off. Some actually want the lights on to supplement their lighting.

4. Working With The Photographer(s)

We work with photographers at every wedding and fully understand their operation
and cooperate with them and their requests. As  we have mentioned at our initial meeting, if we don't get directions from you, we will next look towards the photographers. They also understand the importance of lighting for the video but if they ask us to turn my lights off, we will comply. They normally only ask me to turn off lights at the picture session following the ceremony. We have almost never gotten requests to turn off my lights at a reception though we both make sure as much as possible not to interfere with each others ability to capture your event. We ask them not to cross our path while I am shooting (especially as you are exiting at the end - we ask we be both together side by side). We insure that if they are taking a picture we are not in their line of sight - especially if our light is turned on. We areparticularly sensitive to this during the 'first dances' when we are both constantly in motion.

We are all professionals and fully understand both what we need to do to
provide you with the highest quality products and what the other (in my case the
photographer) needs to do. Many of the 'problems' and 'issues' can be fixed with very powerful and flexible software tools after the wedding. We do on rare occasions get feedback often months after the wedding that the photographers have had problems with their pictures because of our lights. On all of these occasions to our knowledge, we never heard anything at all from those photographers at the wedding itself remembering we do take guidance from them if they provide it. In addition, unless they were shooting directly into one of

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